It gives us great pleasure to present the profile of IQRA EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY BIJAPUR (KARNATAKA) and its institutions. This organization is well known in Bijapur city yet it is felt necessary to present a review of services rendered to our community by IES.

Few well-wishers of the community at Bijapur city were distressed with the backwardness and ignorance of the masses towards learning and education. This feeling of distress led the laying down of the foundation of IQRA EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY with the grace of Allah in the year 1993.

For any big structure, the foundation of that structure has to be very strong and perfect, keeping this in mind IES has its Pre-primary, Primary and High School fulfilling the educational needs.

  1. Our primary aim is to find out the inner talents in the student and give favorable attempts to develop those talents.
  2. Inculcating the spirit of healthy competition, teamwork, and co-operation.
  3. Provide a good atmosphere educationally, socially & religiously so as to develop & maintain good manners, discipline, morals and good habits in the students.
  4. Assist every child to take over higher education & provide good citizens to our country.
  5. Enable every child to lead a peaceful life and prepare them for both worlds.

What your child gets TODAY shapes his/her FUTURE!!!

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